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It is time to save the people of East Timor from political, social and economic atrophy. We need a radical transformation in Government:

  • From a culture of nepotism to a culture of justice
  • From a culture of servility to a culture of transparency
  • From a culture of self-service to a culture of social solidarity
  • From a culture of power to a culture of serving
  • From a culture of arrogance to a culture of tolerance
  • From a culture of corruption to a culture of responsibility


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29th June 2007

An address by his Excelency, President Xanana Gusmao

CNRT Advocates Modern Economic Policy in Line with Leading World Economies

28th June 2007

In the lead up to the legislative election of East Timor, the Fretilin party, led by Disgraced ex Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, continues to promote outdated social and economic policy, that has seen East Timorís economy stagnate and recess over the last 5 years, and left citizens impoverished because of inept governance and maladministration.

CNRT Calls for Judicial Review

27th June 2007

With parliamentary elections looming on Saturday 30th June, CNRT today announced plans to commit the necessary resources to overhaul East Timorís ineffective judicial system, left weakened by five years of Fretilin administration.

CNRT Calls for Media Reform

26th June 2007

CNRT General Secretary Dionisio Babo Soares today called for reform on media policy to encourage the development of a free media, an essential element for the operation of a transparent and accountable democracy.

CNRT Outlines Fretilinís Continual Abuse of Power During ‘Caretakerí Mode

26th June 2007

After five years of ineffectual government, unable to deliver basic services to its citizens and unerringly arrogant in its approach to the people, the Fretilin government has demonstrated yet again its unfitness to govern and a complete lack of moral compass in the lead up to the legislative elections.

CNRT Promotes Democratic Rule

25th June 2007

CNRT today reaffirmed its commitment to establish a free and fair democratic state in East Timor in the face of Fretilinís continued propaganda to disguise its communist foundations and approach to Government.

CNRT Campaigns on Solid Policy for the Reconstruction of East Timor

25th June 2007

CNRT, led by the popular and charismatic President Xanana Gusmao, is enjoying overwhelming support in East Timor by campaigning on the promise to build a progressive democracy, one marked by transparency, accountability and consultation in the upcoming legislative elections.

CNRT Outlines Issues on Agriculture

22nd June 2007

CNRT today outlined the need for radical new Agricultural policy in the face of falling cereal production and reliance on imported goods and international assistance. This is not indicative of a successful agricultural policy as Fretilin claims.

CNRT Defends Womenís Rights

21st June 2007

Throughout 24 years of occupation, the brave women of East Timor lived in fear of the Indonesian troops, and yet, since independence, these same brave women face equally traumatic hardships: domestic violence, intra-country violence, homelessness, malnutrition, lack of sanitation, lack of pre-natal medical attention, early death due to treatable diseases and child birth, lack of education and the loss of children due to preventable pre and post-natal issues.

CNRT to Create Small Business Initiatives in Timor Leste

21st June 2007

CNRT today outlined plans to change the current hostile environment to the private sector into a market friendly environment with short and long term developments as a national priority.

CNRT Denounces a Record of Economic Failure

20th June 2007

CNRT today denounced Fretilinís claims of good economic management of East Timor. Fretilin recently described the economic policy of decentralisation a ‘recipe of waste and corruptioní, the boldest acknowledgment yet of Fretlinís policy to continue the practice of running a one party regime through direct centralisation of funds.

Fretilinís Arrogance Toward the Australian Contribution Continues

20th June 2007

This week Fretilin displayed its continued attitude of arrogance toward Australia after they publicly dismissed the views captured by the Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, who vocalized his concerns at Fretilinís continued plan to arm the East Timorese military.

US State Department Account of 5 years of Fretilin Rule

17th June 2007

The following report was taken from the US State Department website and is an account of the last five years of East Timor under the control of the Fretilin dominated party:

CNRT To Focus On Rebuilding Rather Than Arming East Timor

15th June 2007

General Secretary and spokesperson of CNRT, Dionisio Babo Soares today denounced Fretilin plans to spend Oil revenue on Military assets when the people of the country are still internally displaced, and some still traumatised.

CNRT highlights the need for foreign investment

14th June 2007

CNRT today highlighted the need to attract foreign investment to stimulate the economy with revenue, create employment and bring new skills to the fledgling nation.

CNRT Pledges A True Government Of The People

13th June 2007

Fretilinís Legislative campaign highlights a Government out of touch with reality and its people.

CNRT Outlines Policy for Political Reform

13th June 2007

As campaigning continues for the June 30th Legislative Elections, CNRT today outlined the need for political reform to stabilise and rebuild the country, promote law and order and stimulate the economy on the young nation.

CNRT Proud to Embrace All Individuals From All Political Parties

11th June 2007

Secretary General of East Timorís CNRT Party, Dionisio Babo Soares, today reminded all political parties that in a free and fair election, all citizens of East Timor, regardless of political affiliation, are free to attend political rallies as they chose.

CNRT Makes Veteran Affairs A Priority For National Unity

7th June 2007

From a high level leak at Fretilin HQ this week, rumours

CNRT Calls for an End to the Erosion of Constitutional Rights

6th June 2007

Secretary General and spokesperson of CNRT, Dionisio Babo Soares, today called for Fretilin to respect the constitutional rights of East Timorese Citizens

CNRT nominates its esteemed Secretary General, Dionisio Babo Soares, as official spokesman

6th June 2007

Xanana Gusmao and the newly formed CNRT party nominates the well regarded and highly respected Dionisio Babo Soares, Secretary General of the party, as its official spokesman.

CNRT Calls for a Strong Stance on Law & Order

5th June 2007

CNRT today set out its mandate for establishing law and order in East Timor, a nation scarred by violence

Xanana Gusmao Expresses Condolences for Murdered CNRT Supporter

4th June 2007

President Xanana Gusmao today expressed his condolences to the widow, children and family of CNRT Civil Security Officer, Mr Afonso da Silva, who was murdered by a Fretilin supporter

CNRT Calls for an End to Political Violence

5th June 2007

Following the shooting deaths of two unarmed CNRT supporters in the Viqueque district yesterday, CNRT calls for Fretilin to take responsibility for its actions

Fretilin Fails to Abide by its Own Legislation

29th May 2007

Less than a week after forcing legislation through parliament on the 18th May 2007, Fretilin Minister Cipriana Pereira today failed to comply with her own partyís legislation on negative electioneering.

CNRT Vows to Free the People of East Timor

29th May 2007

Congresso Nacional da ReconstruÁ„o de Timor (CNRT), the new political party headed by former President Xanana Gusmao, today renewed its pledge to free the people of East Timor from poverty and corruption at a Rally in Los Palos, attended by over 8,000 people.

Fretilin: A Final Assault on Democracy

24th May 2007

In the lead up to the legislative elections set for the end of June 2007, with the Fretilin party facing certain defeat, the Fretilin dominated National Parliament of East Timor launched its final assault on the people of East Timor and their constitutional rights to free speech and judicial due process.


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